Coding day 2 – Udacity

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In my search for good online coding courses, I came across this very helpful guide/review and was curious to see Udacity’s platform, so I decided to take a look at this free course.  Right off the bat, the style is completely different than Codecademy.  It was more about identifying a problem and using google searches to identify applicacle coding functions.  It also uses the Python program, rather than an in-platform design. This is good because it’s what you will be doing in the real world, but I did like the three pane approach in Codecademy.  In any case, Udacity is much more focused on instructional videos:

udacity clip 2udacity clip 3

In the first 30 minutes, I created a “break reminder program” that plays a this Han Solo video every 3 hours.  The point was to search for functions and read the documentation.  This does assume you are familiar with the basic loop function, which they only briefly explain.

import webbrowser
import time

total_breaks = 3
break_count = 0

print ("This program started on "+time.ctime())

while (break_count < total_breaks):

    time.sleep (60*3) ("")
    break_count = break_count + 1

I like Udacity’s intuitive approach a bit more, focusing on simple problems to solve and then delving right into solving it.  Unfortunately, this course is also Python 2.  I might go through the course to get the basics first and look for Python 3 specifics later.

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