The Journey Begins

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Hi!  My is Johan and I am starting this blog to chronicle my journey in learning how to code and apply machine learning and AI to the practice of law.  I was a practicing attorney for about 8 years at various firms in Philadelphia.  My first non-practicing job was a gig as an innovation analyst at a multinational law firm.  Since then I’ve been involved in many legal tech and innovation projects.  Here’s my LinkedIn page, if you’re interested and check out my About page for fun facts.

I’m proficient in HTML and SQL, but I’d like to learn how to code in earnest and discover machine learning applications in both the practice and business of law.  I currently lead our data science team for the Information Governance group and serve as the liaison between the data scientists and the business.  I’d like to get my hands dirty a bit more with the nitty gritty tasks.  I’m also a Star Wars geek and like tech gadgets.  I might insert some blog posts surrounding those topics as well…

Hope you will find this blog helpful!

May the Force be with you,

Johan Solo


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