First things first, understanding AI business applications

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To further my understanding of AI and business uses, I started to do research both in the legal vertical and others.  Although there are many resources available for free, I felt that a structured course would be better for me because of my demanding schedule.  I had taken online courses through Coursera (business analytics with UPenn’s Wharton School of Business) and felt comfortable with the format.  Online learning is not for everyone, but I like the flexibility, the quality of the videos, and the structured lessons plans and assignments.  Most online learning platforms also offer discussion boards to foster collaboration with fellow students and instructors.  However, the boards for the Wharton Coursera online courses were rarely used.  The Coursera courses are a good deal though, as  you pay a monthly fee of about $70 and you can go through the materials as quickly as you’d like.

The business analytics program gave me further insight into much of the work we’re doing right now, which is mostly descriptive and diagnostic in nature.  To learn how to code and AI applications to get to investigate predictive and prescriptive use cases, I felt I needed to look for more information.  While Coursera has AI courses as well, I felt that the class participation was lacking.  In business school, one of the most valuable experiences I had was working with others from different backgrounds.  I decided to enroll in the Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy Program with MIT, which started last week.  I will be reporting on that progress soon!


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